WON : Best drama -- BAFTA Childrens awards 2018

WON:  Best Childrens - RTS Awards Northern Ireland 2018

WON 2nd prize: Professional jury Live action TV Chicago International Childrens Film Festival

Nominated : Best Director - BAFTA Childrens awards 2018

Nominated : Best Young Performer - BAFTA Childrens awards 2018

Arri Alexa Mini // Angenieux Optimo zooms

Joe All Alone  (adapted from the book by Joanna Nadin of the same name) 

Reality can be a harsh thing. Joe All Alone is a brilliant representation of that.

Following a boy, Joe, who has never known his father, and never loved his mother’s new boyfriends, this book is indeed realistic fiction, where the world is a big place, that does not know of his problems nor seem to care about them. Until, of course, Joe finds himself all alone when his mother and boyfriend claim to have gone on vacation. 

(The Guardian - 22 Nov 2015)

Director : Beryl Richards 

Producer: Nadine Marsh-Edwards

Production Company: Zodiak Kids