Affiliations/Member: BECTU, IATSE, G.B.C.T

Dual U.S / U.K citizenship , Canadian Residency


Photo: Ashley Paton Photography


Sam Radclyffe - Producer

"Working with Oona on our promo for “We See You” by Xander Rawlins was one of the most enjoyable and interesting experiences that I have had. As our Director of Photography, Oona brought a wealth of experience and a clear vision, which ensured that the director was able to achieve what he had set out to do and create a video that everyone involved agreed was something to be proud of. On little to no budget, Oona was creative, resourceful and direct. I cannot overstate what a pleasure it was to work with someone so talented and savvy."

O.T Fagbenle - Director

"Oona approaches her work with a rare talent and dedication. Her knowledge of cinematic history and technique gives her an ability     to  both problem solve when the going gets tough but also to offer dynamic and creative suggestions to an overall vision. Oona's grit, determination and passion sets a high bar which in my experience inspires a crew to their very best."

Campbell X - Director

"Oona Menges can simultaneously draw visual reference from classic painting, art photography and movies in order to light and shoot films.Her style of work is intuitive with excellent communication skills. She is also flexible and can problem solve while still creating beauty."

Bruce Webb, Director

"Oona is a brilliant DP and great to work with. She has endless energy and ideas which comes with a collaborative attitude from pre to post production. She is also is a very skillful operator and has a natural eye for light and storytelling. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend working with her."

Oona takes her inspiration from the directors vision to create images that reflect the essence of the script. She harnesses light to reflect the style of the story whether vibrant mixed colours to energise or subtle natural light to enhance realism. 


Watching, listening and understanding she takes her motivation for composition and camera movement from the actors performance. Mainly operating herself she likes to choreograph the cameras with the actors movement, often suggesting one master all encompassing shot as well as coverage, to give the director maximum choice of pace and performance in the cutting room.


Oona has a collaborative approach and works tirelessly to achieve the directors vision under budget and on time. She has had an extensive career, working her way up through the camera department on all genres of film and is a member of BECTU, IATSE, GBCT ,Illuminatrix and Women behind the Camera.